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Scaling Services and Increasing Lead Generation

How can you increase efficiency at the top of the sales funnel with minimal cost and effort?

Tallwave is a B2B services group that focuses on branding and product innovation for companies of all sizes. The team provides businesses with research, analytics, sales messaging and strategies that articulate a company's value to expand both sales and brand awareness in a target market space.

Key Benefits of working with Y|R|A

Increased monthly lead generation by a factor of three.

Flexible, affordable plans that make it easy to scale.

Immediate results with repeatable, drop-in solutions.


Tallwave came to Y|R|A in 2013 looking for an affordable solution for automating and specializing at the top of the sales funnel. The group's clients needed to scale marketing methods quickly and cost effectively, avoiding the bottleneck of constantly hiring and training full time sales reps. Without an affordable, repeatable system in place, scaling marketing efforts proved both time consuming and expensive.


Tallwave contacted Y|R|A and set up internal tests to collect data on the efficiency of deploying virtual assistants. The results were extremely positive. Within three weeks Y|R|A assistants started working with several of Tallwave's clients, with new deployments occurring every other week. The amount of specialized training required was minimal, allowing assistants to quickly acclimate to a company's needs and start generating leads.


Y|R|A assistants helped free up resources in a number of Tallwave's clients, converting wasted time cycles into valuable customer service opportunities. Y|R|A assistants generate an average of three times as many leads as dedicated full time employees. Clients have the ability to scale resources up and down as necessary, adding or dropping assistants to meet their demands as efficiently as possible. No matter a company's market and no matter their size, deploying Y|R|A assistants has had a strong positive effect.

  • Generated 3x as many leads as dedicated full time employees.
  • Simplified the hiring chain to reduce time spent searching for and training reps.
  • Enjoyed repeatable success across entire client base.
  • Flexibility of increasing or decreasing the number of Y|R|A assistants depending on a client's needs.


Reliability and repeatability were two key factors that made the Y|R|A Tallwave partnership a success. “It’s critical to have things you know you can rely on, that always work in certain situations,” Tallwave VP Jerrod Bailey noted. “It’s been really effective.”