Our skilled assistants can save you time by handling tasks in any of the following areas:


Executive Assistant

Inbox and Calendar Management
Travel and Event Planning
Social Media Management
Expense Reports
Presentation and Spreadsheet Creation

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Customer Support

Handling Customer Inquiries
Confirming Sales and Filling Orders
Order Problem Resolution
Tier 1 and Tier 2 Level Support
Listing Items on Marketplaces

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Back Office Support

Filing and Updating Documents
Customer Service Support
Transcriptions and File Conversions
Spreadsheets, Forms and Reports Creation

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Sales Support

Lead Generation and Qualification
Email Creation and Follow-up
CRM Management
Conference Event and Travel Planning
Competitive Research

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Recruiting Services

Creating Job Descriptions
Tracking Candidates
Scheduling Interviews
Coodinating Onboarding Activities

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Why Choose Y|R|A Your Remote Assistant?

Y|R|A has been providing dedicated high caliber assistants since 2008 to some of the most demanding clients, such as venture capitalists and successful entrepreneurs.

Our client retention is unparalleled in the industry and is based on the following three pillars:


Hire the Best Talent

Our assistants are selected from experienced graduates from the top universities in the Philippines where the language of instruction is English.

The founding team of Y|R|A has roots in the Philippines and understands the culture and knows how and where to look for the right talent.

We leverage alumni and social networks to make sure we know who we hire but we also verify through background checks.


Train and Pressure Test

Candidate assistants go through an extensive and stringent training program.

The program has two goals: To ensure they have the grit to deal with the pressure of working for demanding clients and that they are well prepared for the role they will take on as either an executive assistant or other admin support type of role.


Ensure the Right Fit

Each client starts by providing us their detailed requirements and we assign them a dedicated assistant with the right background and skill set.

As a client, you will need to train your assistant for tasks that are specific to your business and we are happy to assist in the process.

In addition every assistant reports to a team lead who is responsible for a smooth onboarding and who continuously monitors their performance.