phone  Customer Service

  • Handling Customer Inquiries
  • Confirming Sales and Filling Orders
  • Chat and Phone Support
  • Email Management
  • Listing Items on Marketplaces

Customer service is often the first interaction a client will have with your business. Prompt and friendly responses play a vital role in nurturing these relationships.


"Y|R|A has been a game-changer for Ampush. They integrate seamlessly into our business and have performed far better than most local assistants."

Jesse Pujji, Co-Founder & CEO, Ampush

 chart_pie  Sales Support

  • Lead Generation and Qualification
  • Email Creation and Follow-up Campaigns
  • Conference, Event and Travel Planning
  • Marketing Automation Management
  • Competitive Research

Sales professionals should focus on sales, not administrative work. A sales support assistant can handle non-essential tasks to keep the sales team at their most productive.


 "Our assistants ramped up quickly and were able to complete tasks assigned with respect to time allocated!"

Erwan Delacroix, Co-Founder and CMO, Trendlee


blank_page  Back Office Support


  • Filing and Updating Documents
  • Customer Service Team Support
  • Transcriptions and File Conversions
  • Spreadsheet, Forms and Reports Creation
  • Record Keeping
  • Data Entry and Fidelity

Back office operations are an essential part of any organization, yet they’re often understaffed. Our assistants can help work through accumulated backlogs to lighten the load on your team.


"Virtual assistant support was incredibly helpful when CollegeSpring was first launching, and continues to be a value add as we grow. I still love working with my assistant and recommend Y|R|A often."

Garrett Neiman, Co-Founder & CEO, CollegeSpring


head-hunters  Recruiting Services


  • Creating Job Descriptions and Posting on Career Sites
  • Uploading, Tracking and Updating Candidates into a Tracking System
  • Determining Interviewers Based on Role
  • Scheduling Interviews and Making Travel Arrangements
  • Coordinating Onboarding Activities for New Hires
  • Processing Reimbursement of Candidates

Recruiting is a necessary but time-consuming process every growing business must manage. Delegating this task to a trained assistant removes the time barrier and lets you focus on hiring the best people for the job.

zaw thet   

"Y|R|A has done an amazing job in providing me with a highly qualified assistant who helps me organize my work life. This is a MUST for any start-up or executive that needs the professionalism of a full-time EA for the cost of less than $10/hour."

Zaw Thet, Partner, Signia Venture Partners